Jiaxing Fu Ruisen spunlace non-woven Co., Ltd. is located in a major site of the CPC, the famous revolutionary tourism wins - South Lake in Jiaxing. East of the international metropolis of Shanghai, west to the "paradise" and 100 kilometers from Hangzhou, Jiaxing Dong Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway exit.
    Company has several branches, the introduction of international advanced level of various non-woven production line, specializes in the production of non-woven fabrics and all kinds of deep processing of non-woven products, and research and development of special specifications for the user, special-purpose products. Our products are widely used in major categories:
    First, a variety of spunlace non-woven, needle woven, spunbond nonwoven, hot-rolled non-woven, melt-blown non-woven,..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: ZHAOXUEMING / Hessler (Mr.)
    Tel: 0086-0-13758092995,0573-83129809
    Fax: 0573-83128518
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